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Connecting the dots – Part 3

Moving forward, I have to trust Seth Godin, Garr Reynolds, Daniel Pink, Steve Jobs and Steven Milstein

There is no plan… well, maybe a little one.

Garr Reynolds' 'Career Advice '08' - Page 100
Garr Reynolds

This is my third and final post in my Connecting the dots Series. Part 1, provided the three sources of inspiration for the series and Part 2 focused on taking inventory of my own dots.

Laying the foundation for my next dot

A few months ago, I had another one of those

Wouldn’t it be great if you could… yada yada yada

moments. And after consulting Anna and the kids, have decided to do my best to bootstrap this yada yada yada into reality – while looking for work of course 🙂

The Start-up Chronicles

Don’t worry! I’m not going to use this blog to promote the start-up – too much. I’ll create a new blog in its appropriate space when the time is right. This blog is going to return to the grass roots of what blogs were once meant to be.

blog noun
: a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer ; also : the contents of such a site
Moving forward, I have to trust Seth Godin, Garr Reynolds, Daniel Pink, Steve Jobs & Steven Milstein

Here’s the plan – for now; I’m going to journal my start-up adventures. Decisions I made and ones coming up. Actions I’m taking and those I’m deferring.

So whether you’re among the 90% of Viewers out there, or, among the 10% of Most Fequent Contributors (MFCs), please join me as I chronicle my start-up adventures. But until my next post, I’d love to hear from some of those MFCs out there about their experiences, or, opinions. And for the record, I too was once a Viewer. So Viewers, fill out the Leave a Comment box below and let me know you’re out there following along. It’s actually a lot more fun to leave your mark than just reading all the time.

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One reply on “Connecting the dots – Part 3”

I am looking forward to read about your unfolding adventure as I keep documenting mine at I have started different ventures in the past, than returned into a corporate world for a while, but now decided to have another go at it again. It is amazing how the entrepreneurial landscape has evolved in the last 20 years, how many support networks sprung into action on a personal and organizational levels. However even as more people start to see market place as an “ecology” rather than a “battlefield”, it does not make it easier to cut through the noise of endless pronouncements and claims to the global domination.

You seem to approach this path “to become” from the place of introspection and service, and I hope you succeed in connecting your dots into it.

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