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Just Because I Have Ears

My favorite Customer Development image.

Just Because I Have Ears
Just Because I Have Ears

The “Yada Yada Yada” Moment

Not too long ago, I was walking through my pitch for my newly named startup –, with Phil Telio & he said something like “I think this offers tremendous value add for any company with a vested interest in their customers’ business, but you’re focusing on the wrong point. You’ve got to yada, yada, yada…”

And as I stood there, I was saying to myself “Yes, yes, yes… I’ve heard stuff like this before… But …”

The “OMG, I’m Zizi” Moment

That night, I woke up with an image of my brother-in-law & the thought; “OMG, I’m Zizi (aka Zio Johnny)”. You see, Johnny is one of those guys who’d do just about anything in the world for you. Yet despite his generosity, some people (read my mother-in-law) want more. As a result, Zizi has developed over the years, this amazing ability to tune out certain things (read my mother-in-law). So it was a no-brainer when my family & I were last vacationing in Disney World to buy this simple t-shirt with Mickey Mouse’s silhouette & the one line:

Just because I have ears, it doesn’t mean I’m listening.

The “Customer Development” Moment

So I took Phil et al’s advice and modified my Unique Value Proposition just in time for an upcoming pitch to a perfect target. I opened with the above image  & this story. The meeting couldn’t have gone any better.

Since then, that image & one line are forever in my mind’s eye & Customer Development has never been this much fun!

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