Chief Executive Story Teller for :AnotherSocialEconomy, loving the Lean Startup life, appreciating others’ and adding my own Lessons Learned.
Steven Milstein

Steven Milstein was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for eLearning-Labs, a dot com startup that provided online education and remote hands-on mentoring for IBM’s SMB Enterprise Transformation Campaign. During that period, Steven co-authored three IBM Redbooks on Software as a Service, online education and collaboration software. Afterwards, Steven was Web 2.0 Development Team Lead and then Business Analyst / Product Manager at IBM’s Montreal software lab for their enterprise project management software. Thanks to the wonderfulness of IBM, Steven gained his insight and appreciation for Agile software development and the need to couple it with social software in order to accelerate communication and achieve transparency. Steven is currently co-founder of :AnotherSocialEconomy, the confidential missing link between consumers who like to shop online but prefer to purchase offline from local merchants and is living the Lean Startup life, learning from others’ and adding his own Lessons Learned.

IBM Redbooks
IBM Redbooks

Co-authored Prior Art Database Prior Art Database


Client Consolidation: A method to use news reader clients to facilitate business transformation of enterprise applications. Publication IPCOM000171692D under IBM.

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