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Connecting the dots – Part 1

There is no plan… well, maybe a little one.

Garr Reynolds' 'Career Advice '08' - Page 98
Garr Reynolds
I was just looking to improve my presentation skills

When reading Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery, I came across an example of his work – Daniel Pink‘s Adventures Of Johnny Bunko. Not only is this a great testimony of his presentation style, but it’s an even greater introduction to the book. Actually, it’s a comic book that you could read during lunch. And if it’s one of those days when you’ll be strapping on a feedbag in front of your screen, then you should at least check out the book’s trailer. It’s less than two minutes.

One thing just lead to another

Now with your head hopefully in the right place and your tummy full, let’s circle back to Garr Reynolds’ ‘Career Advice ’08’ presentation. Here lies an even greater find – Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech 2005. This is a must watch video. It’s by no means the classic image I have of Steve Jobs – an absolutely marvelous presenter, effortlessly parading around the stage preaching another Apple keynote speech to his minions. It’s actually quite the contrary. This is the first time I’ve seen him standing behind a podium, seldom looking up from his written speech, almost nervously revealing personal stories of his life. So refill your feedback & take the 14 minutes to watch this!

Up next

My next post in this series will be about taking inventory of my own dots. In the meantime, feel free to you go off and ponder yours for now.

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