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Just lucky?

Lucky Child

A little out of step

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, then you already know each one tries to cover a specific tool in the family of social software. My next post is actually going a little too far but circumstances have inspired me to come out with it now.

A little story

Many moons ago when I was a self-employed consultant, someone I know griped to a mutual friend of our’s, that I was just lucky to always be landing contracts one after the other. At first, I looked at it as sour grapes and was grateful for my luck. But a few months later, I was watching 60 Minutes and the interviewer suggested to the interviewee, that many others discount his good fortune as just being lucky. (I wish I could remember their names). The response was something along the following: “True, I am lucky… if you define “Luck” as the point in time when preparedness meets opportunity.” So, I’m just lucky to be writing the next post out of sequence and will return to any missing pieces shortly.